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MADRIX 5 KEY PRO USB 128 DMX512 Professional

MADRIX 5 KEY PRO USB 128 DMX512 Professional

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103 065 грн.

MADRIX 5 KEY PRO USB 128 DMX512 Professional
MADRIX 5 KEY PRO USB 128 DMX512 ProfessionalВ наличии
103 065 грн.
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Описание товара
The MADRIX 5 Key Professional is your professional solution to any top of the line nightclub lighting installation. The MADRIX Key Professional provides an outstanding 128 DMX 512 Universes, giving you almost unlimited possibilities.

MADRIX is a highly productive LED lighting control suite, pixel mapper, and voxel mapper. Cutting- edge technologies provide you with all the tools you need for modern LED control. Industry-wide protocols and standards, such as DMX512, Art-Net, Streaming ACN (sACN / E1.31), Philips Color Kinetics (KiNET), DVI, T9, 5A, Insta/ROBE protocols, MIDI, Remote HTTP, Art-Net Remote, CITP, ASIO, and many more are quickly and easily available to you.

LED Lighting Control Solution
Effect Generator, Pixel Mapper, Media Server
For LJs, VJs, and Other Lighting Professionals / Enthusiasts
Up to 256 DMX Universes or more
Real-Time Audio Analysis (WDM or ASIO)
Real-Time Effect Processing
Real-Time Previews
2 Effect Pipelines
Windows Software
High Program Stability & Reliability
Possibility to Upgrade
Test Version for Free!
Fixture Editor & Large Fixture Library
Graphical Patch Editor
Graphical Mapping Function
Powerful Script Engine & Macro Editor
Support of Industry Standards & Protocols
DMX512, Art-Net II, Streaming ACN, DVI, T9
Philips Color Kinetics, Insta, ROBE protocols
Art-Net Remote, DMX-IN, MIDI-IN, Remote HTTP
Integrated Backup System
Extra Touch Screen Window
Various DMX Tools
Cue List with MIDI Time Code (MTC)
Innovative Matrix Control
User Friendliness & Usability
Many Supported Interfaces
Unique Visual Effects
Video Support and Live Signal Capturing
Image Animations
Multilayer Technology
Frequency Analysis, etc.
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  • Цена: 103 065 грн.